At Saint Vincent College, you'll find people who inspire you and opportunities that invite you.

On Saint Vincent College’s 200-acre campus in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, you’ll find people who inspire you and opportunities that invite you to take your talents and strengths to new heights and new places – from across town to across the world. Along the way you’ll discover more about yourself, your power to make a difference for others, and what it means to lead a life of purpose.

Admissions Checklist:
Junior Year 


  • Map out a testing schedule
  • Consider taking the SAT and ACT and consider registering for the May and June dates
  • Establish a criteria for your college search and create a 'top ten' list


  • Visit schools
  • Start thinking about majors
Senior Year


  • Register for SAT and ACT test and arrange for the scores to be sent to the College
  • Request letters of recommendation (optional for Saint Vincent College)
  • Start your financial aid search
  • Finalize the list of schools that you plan to send applications to
  • Begin writing admission essays  (optional for Saint Vincent College)

 October and November 

  • Visit campuses and schedule admission appointments
  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at 
  • Request that your high school send your transcripts and begin working on your applications
  • Ideally, submit applications by mid-November
  • Contact colleges to confirm that they have received all application materials

 January and February 

 April and May 

  • Review applications and compare financial aid packages
  • By May 1st, decide which college you will attend and notify other colleges
  • If your first-choice college placed you on a waiting list, you should let the admissions staff know that you are still interested in attending


  • Request that your final official transcript be sent to the college you are attending


  • Go to school, make new friends, and enjoy being a college student!